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How to Use MindPal AI Agents and Workflows to Build AI Free Tool That Generates Leads for Your Business

Generating leads is crucial for business growth. MindPal, with its powerful AI Agent and workflow capabilities, offers a solution to streamline this process. This article will guide you through the steps to leverage MindPal's features to build a free AI tool that can generate leads for your business, just as we have successfully done for MindPal.

The Power of MindPal AI Agent and Workflow

MindPal is designed to empower users with cutting-edge AI technology, making it easier than ever to create tools that can enhance productivity and drive business growth. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or an entrepreneur, MindPal allows you to build sophisticated workflows and AI agents with ease.

When utilizing MindPal, users can create two distinct types of AI free tools: AI chatbots and workflows. AI chatbots are interactive virtual assistants that can engage in conversations with users, providing information, answering queries, and assisting with various tasks. On the other hand, workflows are sequences of automated actions that executed by AI Agents, which can streamline processes and enhance efficiency. By understanding the capabilities of both AI chatbots and workflows within MindPal, users can leverage these tools to improve customer interactions, automate repetitive tasks, and optimize workflow management.

Option 1: Building Your AI Workflow

MindPal offers a variety of templates to get you started. These templates are designed to cater to different business needs and can be customized to suit your specific requirements.

  1. Select a Template: Navigate to the workflow section in MindPal and browse through the available templates. Choose one that aligns with your lead generation goals.

  2. Customize the Workflow: Use MindPal's user-friendly interface to modify the template. You can add or remove steps, integrate different data sources, and finetune the setup of AI Agent in each step.

  3. Generate with AI: If you're unsure where to start, MindPal's "Generate with AI" feature can help you set up a baseline workflow. This feature uses AI to create a preliminary workflow based on your inputs, which you can then refine and customize.

To see an example workflow, you can watch this video from our team:

Option 2: Creating a Chatbot

A chatbot can be an effective tool for engaging with potential leads. MindPal makes it easy to build and deploy chatbots that can interact with users, collect information, and qualify leads.

Creating a chatbot in MindPal is a simple process that can be broken down into 2 easy steps. Follow these steps to successfully create and deploy your chatbot:

Step 1 - Create an AI Agent: The first step in creating a chatbot in MindPal is to create an AI Agent. To do this, follow these sub-steps:

  • 1. Choose a Template: Start by selecting a template to kickstart your AI Agent creation process. Templates provide a structured framework to build your chatbot efficiently.

  • 2. Generate with AI Feature: Alternatively, you can use the 'Generate with AI' feature to expedite the creation of your AI Agent. This feature leverages AI technology to build your chatbot faster and more accurately.

  • 3. Enhance with Knowledge and Tools: Once you have created your AI Agent, enhance its capabilities by attaching knowledge bases, tools, and web search functionalities. This will make your chatbot more powerful and efficient in responding to user queries.

Step 2 - Publish the Chatbot: After creating and enhancing your AI Agent, the next step is to publish it as a chatbot. Follow these steps to publish your chatbot:

  • 1. Customize the Interface: Personalize the chatbot interface to align with your brand identity and user preferences. Customize the design, colors, and messaging to create a seamless user experience.

  • 2. Deploy the Chatbot: Once you have customized the chatbot interface, deploy it by embedding it on your website. This will make the chatbot accessible to users visiting your site, providing them with instant support and assistance.

To have an overview of the process, you can check this video on how to create an AI tutor chatbot:

Embedding the Tool on Your Website

Once your workflow and chatbot are ready, the next step is to integrate them into your website. MindPal provides a simple way to do this using an iframe code.

  1. Generate the Embed Code: Click the share button in MindPal to generate the iframe code for your tool.

  2. Embed on Your Website: Copy the iframe code and paste it into the HTML of your website where you want the tool to appear. This will embed the lead generation tool directly on your site.

  3. Branding Options: If you are a paid user of MindPal, you have the option to remove MindPal branding from the embedded tool, giving it a more professional look that aligns with your brand.

Real-World Success: MindPal's Lead Generation

At MindPal, we have successfully used these tools to generate thousands of leads. One notable example is the creation of a list of workflow templates, which we published on the domain This initiative received significant recognition, achieving the top 3 Product of the Day on Product Hunt.

By leveraging MindPal's AI Agent and workflow capabilities, we were able to create a valuable resource that attracted a large number of users, ultimately converting them into leads. This success story demonstrates the potential of MindPal's platform to drive business growth through innovative lead generation strategies.


MindPal's AI Agent and workflow features offer a powerful and user-friendly solution for building lead generation tools. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create a customized tool that engages potential leads, collects valuable information, and drives business growth. Whether you're looking to build a chatbot, automate workflows, or embed tools on your website, MindPal provides the technology and support you need to succeed.