How to deploy a chatbot on Whatsapp

How to Deploy your MindPal Chatbot on Whatsapp

Here's a detailed step-by-step guide on how to deploy your MindPal chatbot on Whatsapp.

Step 1: Create a WhatsApp Meta app

1. Create a Facebook Business account

  1. Head over to https://business.facebook.com (opens in a new tab) and log in
  2. Create a new business account on the left side bar

2. Create a Meta app

  1. Head over to https://developers.facebook.com/apps (opens in a new tab)
  2. Click on Create App
  3. “What do you want your app to do?”, select Other.
  4. Select Business type
  5. Give it any name and select your newly created Business Account
  6. On the app page, look for WhatsApp product and enable it

3. You should be able to get to this page

Whatsapp Meta App Page

Step 2: Generate a System User Token

  1. Go to your System users page (opens in a new tab).
  2. Create a new user by clicking on Add.
  3. Fill it with any name and give it the Admin role.
  4. Click on Add assets. Under Apps, look for your previously created app, select it and check Manage app like this:

Whatsapp Meta System User Assets

  1. Now, click on Generate new token. Select your app.
  • Token expiration: Never
  • Available Permissions: whatsapp_business_messaging, whatsapp_business_management
  1. Copy and paste the generated token into the input "System User Token" in your MindPal chatbot's share modal like this:

System User Token Input

Step 3: Get your Phone Number ID

  1. Go to your WhatsApp Dev Console (opens in a new tab).

  2. Add your phone number by clicking on the Add phone number button.

  3. Select a phone number and paste the associated Phone number ID into the input "Phone Number ID" in your MindPal chatbot's share modal like this:

WhatsApp Phone Selection Phone Number ID Input

Step 4: Set up Web Hook

In your WhatsApp Settings Page (opens in a new tab), click on the Edit button and insert the following values:

  1. Callback URL: You can get from your MindPal chatbot's share modal (see photo below).

  2. Verify Token: You can get from your MindPal chatbot's share modal (see photo below).

  3. Webhook fields: check messages.

Webhook Setup Values

Step 5: Done!

Once everything is set up correctly, you can start chatting with your MindPal chatbot on Whatsapp. Congrats!

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