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How to create audio note with MindPal

How to create audio note with MindPal

Creating audio notes with MindPal is a seamless process that allows you to capture your thoughts without the need for manual typing. Follow these simple steps to start creating audio notes:

Step 1: Access the Audio Notes Feature

  • Navigate to the Knowledge Sources from the side bar.
  • Select "New knowledge source", and then select "Record your voice option"

Step 2: Start Recording

  • Click on the Record button, usually symbolized by a microphone icon.
  • Begin speaking to record your thoughts or notes.

Step 3: Save Your Audio Note

  • Once you've finished recording, click the Stop button. And click upload
  • Wait a seconds for MindPal to transcribe your audio and save it.
  • Give your audio note a title for easy retrieval later.

Step 4: Use Your Notes with MindPal

  • Your audio note is now saved and can be accessed anytime from the Knowledge Sources section.
  • You can chat with your audio note, write content from it in smart note, or just save it for later retrieval.

Remember, with MindPal, your audio notes can become a part of your personal knowledge base, making it easy to retrieve and utilize information whenever you need it.

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