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6-Hat Thinking Analysis

6-Hat Thinking Analysis: A Structured Approach to Idea Evaluation

Are you tired of making decisions based on gut feelings or limited perspectives? The 6-Hat Thinking Analysis template workflow is here to help. This structured decision-making process guides teams through a comprehensive analysis of an idea, exploring it from six different perspectives: facts, emotions, cautiousness, benefits, creativity, and control.

How it Works

This AI workflow template consists of six steps, each representing a unique "hat" or perspective:

1. White Hat Thinking (Facts)

Gather objective facts and data related to the idea.

2. Red Hat Thinking (Emotions)

Explore your emotional response to the idea, including gut feelings and intuitions.

3. Black Hat Thinking (Cautiousness)

Identify potential risks, drawbacks, and challenges associated with the idea.

4. Yellow Hat Thinking (Benefits)

Highlight the benefits, opportunities, and positive outcomes of the idea.

5. Green Hat Thinking (Creativity)

Brainstorm innovative solutions, alternatives, and possibilities related to the idea.

6. Blue Hat Thinking (Control)

Synthesize insights from the previous steps, guiding your team towards a balanced conclusion on the idea.

Who Will Benefit

This template workflow is perfect for:

  • Teams looking to make informed, data-driven decisions
  • Individuals seeking to evaluate ideas from multiple angles
  • Organizations wanting to foster a culture of structured decision-making

Try it Out!

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