Smart note
What it is

Smart Note on MindPal: What it is

Why Smart Notes?

Previously when interacting with your AI second brain on MindPal, you might encounter certain limitations. First of all, the conventional chat interface, though familiar with many, often restricts you to a simple question and answer format. This interface lacks the collaborative experience needed for working with your agents and collaboratively editing the output.

Another limitation might arise when using a knowledge source on MindPal. While we provide options to upload or import knowledge from third-party apps, it can be challenging to keep the information up to date or quickly capture new information. You may find yourself constantly uploading or reuploading content to ensure your knowledge source remains updated.

All these limitations can be addressed with our introduction of Smart Notes, or what we define as the working memory, for your MindPal's AI second brain.

What is a Smart Note on MindPal?

A Smart Note on MindPal is essentially a Notion-style text editor that integrates AI capabilities. It is designed to assist you with writing-intensive tasks such as composing blog posts, emails, or jotting down your thoughts.

What differentiates Smart Note on MindPal from other note-taking apps?

What sets MindPal's Smart Notes apart from other note-taking apps is their deep integration with our ecosystem of AI agents and knowledge sources.

Since your MindPal's AI second brain is already powered by a team of AI agents with access to your knowledge sources, with Smart Notes, you can easily assign agents to co-write or co-edit content with you and refer to relevant knowledge sources, ensuring that the output remains relevant and meaningful for your specific case.

The integration of AI agents and knowledge sources in MindPal's Smart Notes makes them highly valuable for work-related tasks. By utilizing specialized AI agents for different writing tasks and equipping them with specific knowledge sources, these agents can perform at their best. For instance, when writing a research paper with MindPal's Smart Notes, you can connect your AI Research Paper Writer agent with knowledge from Google and Arxiv to find relevant papers to cite. Similarly, when writing a market research analysis, you can assign your Market Research Expert agent access to your company's wiki or Google for industry insights and facts. These capabilities are not commonly found in other note-taking apps, making MindPal's Smart Notes exceptionally useful.

How Smart Note on MindPal enhances your AI Second Brain

The smart notes on MyPAL enhance your AI second brain in two significant ways.

Firstly, instead of using the traditional chat interface with your AI agents, you now have a text editor as a playground for your agents. This allows you to collaborate and co-write content with your AI agents seamlessly.

Secondly, these smart notes serve as a valuable knowledge source for your AI agents, assemblies, or chatbots. Being notes rather than documents, they are instantly updated, ensuring that your AI systems always have access to the latest information. You can later chat with your notes or use them as training data for your AI chatbots, which can be published on your website.

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