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Knowledge source imported from integrations


Please note that the integration feature is currently in beta mode and is subject to changes in the future. We will keep this help docs article updated with the latest information.

Why integrations?

When working with AI, you may want to import your custom data into MindPal. Besides uploading documents and websites or taking notes directly on MindPal, you might also have data stored in other apps such as Google Drive, Notion, or Airtable. MindPal provides a convenient way to import your data from these apps with just a few clicks.

Integrations available on MindPal

We currently offer the following integrations:

1. Google Drive (opens in a new tab)

By signing in with your Google account, you can easily import documents from your Google Drive to MindPal.

2. Notion (opens in a new tab)

Notion is a popular tool for organizing information and data. You can import your Notion documents into MindPal by following the descriptive and straightforward instructions provided.

3. Airtable (opens in a new tab)

Airtable is well-known for storing structured data in databases. You can import bases and tables from Airtable directly into MindPal and seamlessly continue working with them.

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