Knowledge source
How it works

Knowledge Source: How it works

What happens when you refer to a knowledge source?

Whenever you refer to a knowledge source on MindPal, MindPal will first searches for relevant information from the connected knowledge sources, whether they are internal or external. This search is tailored to the specific task or action you are performing.

Once MindPal gathers the relevant information, it utilizes it to provide a context-aware and high-quality response that is specific to your situation. This means that the response you receive is not generic or generalized but is instead customized based on the knowledge obtained from the referred source.

Knowledge sources in action

You have the ability to utilize knowledge sources in various ways on MindPal. These knowledge sources can greatly enhance your experience and make it easier to access the information you need. Let's explore some of the ways you can refer to your knowledge sources:

1. Building an AI Agent

When building an AI agent, you can connect specific knowledge sources as default sources. This means that whenever you summon these agents, they will come pre-loaded with these knowledge sources. This allows you to easily utilize them in your AI agent's operations.

2. Conversations with Agents

During conversations with your agents, you can refer to specific knowledge sources. This enables you to discuss and gather information from those particular sources. It adds depth and context to your conversations, making them more informative and valuable.

3. Smart Notes

When taking smart notes on MindPal, you can easily refer to your knowledge sources. By simply hitting @, you can incorporate the information from these sources into your notes. This allows you to ask the AI to write with contextual understanding based on the knowledge sources you've selected.

4. Chatbots

If you publish a chatbot, you can connect knowledge sources to it. This gives the chatbot access to the information contained within those sources. As a result, the chatbot can provide accurate and relevant responses to user queries, enhancing the overall user experience.

5. Plug-ins

MindPal offers various plug-ins, such as generating carousel posts or charts. When using these plug-ins, it is beneficial to refer to your knowledge sources. This ensures that the generated content is tailored to your specific use case, making it more meaningful and useful.

By leveraging your knowledge sources in these different scenarios, you can maximize the value and effectiveness of MindPal. Whether you're building AI agents, engaging in conversations, taking smart notes, using chatbots, or utilizing plug-ins, your knowledge sources will play a crucial role in providing accurate and contextual information.

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