What it is

What is a Chatbot on MindPal?

So far, most of the interaction between you and MindPal is currently limited to personal, individual work. This means that you cannot share or publish your AI agent to talk to other people. However, there are many cases where the ability for your agent to communicate with external stakeholders can be very helpful. This is where the AI chatbot feature on MindPal comes into play.

What is a chatbot?

An AI chatbot refers to a publishable version of an AI agent on MindPal that is designed to interact with people. The agent can be pre-configured with understanding of its purpose, how it should behave, and what tasks it needs to accomplish when engaging with individuals. Additionally, the chatbot can be connected to various knowledge sources to provide the necessary context for performing tasks. Once developed, the chatbot can be published and shared with others or embedded on a website, allowing external stakeholders to engage in conversations with the chatbot.

Examples of useful AI chatbots

Let's explore a few use cases of the AI chatbot on MindPal:

1. Digital Twin

You can create an AI agent with access to all your knowledge, blogs, and social media posts. This AI agent can communicate just like you, using your knowledge and experience, allowing your audience to chat with a digital twin of you anytime they want. This can greatly increase engagement with your personal brand.

2. Customer Support Chatbot

The chatbot can be configured with an AI agent that has access to all the documentation of your products and services. This means that whenever a customer or user has a question, the chatbot is available 24/7 to provide answers and support.

3. Knowledge-Based Assistant Chatbot

If you have a complex documentation for your app, it can be challenging for users to navigate and find the information they need. By creating an AI chatbot trained on this documentation, users can get instant answers without having to spend hours searching through the documentation themselves.

4. Teaching Assistant

As a teacher, you may receive numerous queries and requests from your students. Many of these can be automated. By building an AI chatbot on MindPal with knowledge of the subject you are teaching, you can publish it to your students. They can then ask the AI chatbot for instant support and guidance.

These are just a few examples of how an AI chatbot on MindPal can be incredibly helpful. In the next articles, we will dive deeper into how to build and share an AI chatbot on MindPal.

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