How to share a chatbot

How to Share Your MindPal Chatbot with Others

Sharing your chatbot with others is easy on MindPal. We offer three options for you to choose from:

1. Share via Link

The first option is to share your chatbot by providing a link. You can copy the link provided by MindPal and share it with others. This link can be either the default link provided by MindPal or a custom link that includes a specific slot or domain that you have assigned to your chatbot settings. Simply copy the link and share it with anyone you want.

2. Share via Iframe

If you have a website and want to embed your chatbot directly on it, we have provided a simple iframe code for you. Copy the iframe code and paste it into your website's code base. This will display the chatbot on your website, allowing your visitors to interact with it without leaving your site.

3. Display as Chat Bubble Widget

Another option is to display your chatbot as a chat bubble widget at the bottom right corner of your website. We have also provided the necessary code for this. Simply embed the code on your website, and you will see a circle around your chatbot avatar photo appear at the bottom right corner. Users can click on it to start asking questions and engage with your chatbot.

With these three options, you can easily share your chatbot with others and provide them with a seamless and interactive experience.

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