Agent vs. Assembly

When to use Agent vs. Multi-Agent Assembly?


If the job to be done satisfies any of these criteria, you should build an assembly for that job, instead of just one single agent:

  1. You expect the result to be long + in great detail.
  2. The final result is expected to be well-structured and can be broken down to distinct steps.
  3. The prompt for the agent would be too long/complicated to manage if the whole job is to be done by just one agent.


Both agents and multi-agent assemblies provide you a way to create automation engines that can be reused multiple times for different context at hand, to help you get things done faster.

However, since an assembly is a CHAIN that involves multiple steps, which can be executed by a different agent, instead of just one agent, it is more well-versed to perform complex tasks.

Understanding this difference and choosing the suitable kind of "engine" for your task will surely help you get better responses, hence more value from MindPal.



Job to be doneSuitable engine
Brainstorm marketing campaign namesAgent
Develop a whole marketing campaignMulti-Agent Assembly, each step for one part of the campaign
Write a tweetAgent
Repurpose a piece of info into various kinds of content for different platformsMulti-Agent Assembly, each step for one platform
Look for relevant articles given a topicAgent
Write a whole research paperMulti-Agent Assembly, each step for one section of the paper
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