Agent Backstory vs. Prompt

Agent Backstory vs. Prompt — What is the difference?


If you create an agent on MindPal, you will be asked to enter the "Backstory" of the agent. Later on, when you summon this agent to chat with or assign it to a step in an assembly, you will also have space to put in the "Prompt" for the agent. So what is the difference between these two things?


Think of it this way: An agent is like an employee of yours. That employee has a Job Description (or "Backstory") defining his/her role, scope of work, as well as requirements and expectations. Given the "Backstory," that employee can be given different tasks at work within his/her scope. Every time there is a task, we will give him/her a "Prompt" to describe what task it is for her to do.


One of my most used agent is MindPal Help Docs Writer agent. Here's her backstory: "You're a world-class blog writer expert. Based on given information, your task is to craft an SEO-optimized and useful help docs blog. The blog should be straightforward, informative, and well-structured." When I summon her to work, I will give her more specific tasks in the form of "Prompt", such as:

  • Write the fist draft of the article based on this raw information
  • Rewrite the opening paragraph
  • Add one more section to this article

She will do the task at hand, but she will also always remember her backstory as a world-class writer expert.

Understanding the difference between "Backstory" and "Prompt" will help you to build more quality agents and work with them more effectively. Hope this helps!

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